Down hill slopes, ski trails and cross country tracks

It's close to one of Dalarna's best down hill slopes, Fjätervålen 16 km. Idre Fjäll are also within reach, 38 km. Vedungfjällens nature reserve and Städjan-Nipfjället offers beautiful cross marked winter trails to ski along. Enjoy the cross country tracks of Fjätervålen and Idre Fjäll. 

Photo: Vedungfjällens nature reserve, 7 km east of the cabin.

”My kids enjoyed downhill skiing in Idre and Fjätervålen, and we went cross country skiing every day: there are so many beautiful tracks in the area!”

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Fjätervålens slopes have something for everyone

Dalarnas highest and longest slopes

Fjätervålen ski resort lies only 16 km southwest from the cabin and has one of Dalarnas best and longest slopes, ranging from elite to beginners. The longest slope is 3 km long. With skipass ¨Idrepasset¨ you can ski in both Fjätervålen and Idres slopes located another 22 km away. Ski equipment and snow shoes can be rented. 

Cross country skiing

There are 18 km preparated cross country tracks close to the slopes.

Preparated ski trails around Fjätervålen & Idreflöten

Ski along cross-marked winter trails

You can ski from Fjätervålen into the east parts of Städjan-Nipfjällets nature reserve. The trail starts next to the slopes. Read more about it down below at ¨Städjan-Nipfjällets nature reserve¨.


Restaurant and food store are open wintertime. 

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Fjätervålen Ski Resort
Webcam Fjätervålen


Wide range of different activities

Idre Fjäll ski resort lies 38 km southwest from the cabin. With the combined skipass "Idrepasset" you can ski at both Fjätervålen and Idre Fjäll. You can ski along marked winter trails into the south parts of Städjan-Nipfjällets nature reserve, more info below. Restaurant and food store are available in Idre during the whole year. 

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Website Idre Fjäll
Idre Fjälls ski track and trail map.

Photo: Isak & Ludvig is skiing on the track "Fjället runt" below the peak of Grängesvålen. Städjan in the background.

Ski along cross marked trails in the surrounding nature reserves.

The Mountain Safety Council of Sweden gives tips for safe hiking and skiing here

A GOOD MAP shows  current and reliable information about trails, bridges, cabins, helplines etc. Read more about maps at  "Surroundings". 


One of the most accessible nature reserves

Städjan-Nipfjället is part of a bigger protected area called Gränslandet (Borderland, in english). You see trails if you click on nr 9 on the overview map of Gränslandet, or you can go directly to the map of Städjan-Nipfjällets nature reserve.

The peak Fjätervålen 1002 meters altitude, Städjan 1131 meters and Nipfjället 1192 meters are parts of the reserve and are located in one of Gränslandet’s most accessible nature reserves. In this area you can experience, old-growth forest and beautiful views. From the south Städjan looks like a cone shaped volcano. The oldest forest is found on the eastern slope of the mountain Fjätervålen, on the western slope of Städjan, and north of Lake Stora Harundsjön, around the low mountain Gränjesåsen. 

There are cross-marked winter trails (poles marked with red crosses at the top) in the area. You can see them noted (in swedish) as "markerad vinterled" on the map of Städjan-Nipfjällets Nature Reserve above. Note that many of the cross marked trails are not preparated for ski (snow scooters aren't allowed). Down below you see 2 fine examples of starting points for going into the reserve area where there often also is preparated ski tracks.

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Info about skiing in the Gränslandet

👣Ski trails

Around the mountain Fjätervålen and Idreflöta trail

🎿 Fjätervålen ski resort (16 km southwest of the cabin). Roadmap

Winter trails: Within the nature reserve (which includes for example the mountain peak Fjätervålen 1002 m above sea level) there are two tracks that you can reach from the ski resort, Idreflöta and Fjället runt. The tracks are run with a piste machine when the snow conditions are good and the weather allows. Keep in mind that these tracks go to some parts over bare mountains and are sometimes exposed to really hard weather and cold winds. The cooling effect is high when the wind is strong. Clothes after weather! 

The trail Fjället runt is 15 km long and goes in scenic terrain over Svartfjället, down to the nice Rybäckskojan and back up to the bog again and around the southern part of the mountain Fjätervålen. The trail is in nature marked with red trail crosses.

The second track choice is the Idreflötaspåret with total length 16 km. The introduction is the same as around the mountain. Once up on Svartfjället, the Idreflötan trail follows the ridge on Svartfjället to after about 2 km fold down on the fantastically fine bog Idreflöta, north of Fjätervålen. There, the track winds its way forward, goes up a bit on Torråsen and then comes back to the track you went up on. The Idreflötan track is also cross-marked.

You can see the area and winter and summer trails marked on the Länsstyrelsens map (pdf) of Städjan-Nipfjället's nature reserve and can also see the map and read more on Fjätervålen's website (translated by google).

Ski near the peak Nipjället

🎿Startingpoint Nipstugan, at Nipfjällets winter parking, 41 km southwest of the cabin. 

Directions: Continue past Städjans car parking about 2.5 km. Turn right towards Nipfjället (signposted). Drive past Gammelsätervallen and further 1,5 km to a parking area where also Nipstugan is placed. During the winter you are not able to drive all the way up to Nipfjällets upper parking (because of the snow). The road ends during the winter at the tree limit. Roadmap

In the summer you can drive past the Nipstugan on the gravel road all the way to the upper Nipfjällets parking, one of Sweden's highest roads (1003 m.a.s.l.). Read more in the menu's "Summer".

Ski near the peak Städjan.

🎿 Startingpoint Grängesåsvallen, 32 km southwest of the cabin. 

Directions: Drive towards Fjätervålen. When you pass Fjätervålens ski resort - drive 10 km and turn right (signposted to Gränjesåsvallen). Drive 7 km. There are signs for parking. Roadmap. If you want to come above the tree limit faster and want to ski towards the beautiful siluett of Städjan with the sun in your face i would recommend starting at Nipfjället/Nipstugan instead.

Webcam Städjan

A hidden pearl

The beautiful Vedungsfjällens nature reserve lies only 5 km east from the cabin and has peaks around 1100 meters altitude, for example the second highest peak in Dalarna. 

You see trails, cabins and helpphones among other things on the outdoor terrain webmap Lantmäteriets map.

The cabin in relation to the closest surrounding mountains (the peaks cannot bee seen from the cabin):

👣Ski trails

Ski from Storfjäten towards Sömlinghågna

🎿 Startingpoint Storfjäten, 7 km south from the cabin. Roadmap

Winter trail: Note that there are no preparated skitrails from Storfjäten, but the cross-marked winter trail begins here. Up on the fell (fjäll) you can ski freely or follow the marked trails. 

A shelter cabin called Kölstugan, lies 9 km northeast from Storfjäten between Fonnfjället and Sömlingshågna. Maby you choose to ski towards the steap Sömlinghågna. On distance the mountain looks like an upside down boat (photo). There are two shelter cabins at the lake Hågntjärn, 9 km northeast from Storfjäten.

Road direction to Storfjäten: Drive over the bridge towards Storfjäten 5 km, turn left by the recykling station towards Storfjäten (signposted), drive 2 km over the bridge until the road ends and stop at the turning area. 

Ski from Västvallen towards Sömlingshågna

🎿Starting point Västvallen in Lofsdalen, 50 km north east from the cabin. Roadmap.

Winter trail:  From Lofsdalen there are sometimes, when the weater permits, preparated ski tracks around the peak Sömlingshågna. Remember to check trail and weater conditions before you go. Call 0046 (0)72 264 64 00 for more information about trails and tracks. The preparated ski trails from Lofsdalen towards- and around the area of Sömlingshågna are associated with a little fee, paid in Lofsdalens touristshop.  

Read more:
Lofsdalen website
Skiing in the mountains, around Sömlingshågna
Lofsdalsspår website translated by google - note that not all info is visible in english

Dogslegging & Swedens highest waterfall


Groups, families, sportive or non-sportive, everyone can find a Husky tour which fits. Contact Ann-Lorr Benat. She has several polar dogs and Adventure Dreams - Dogsledding

You find Ann and her polar dogs at Idre Fjäll ski resort and at Särna and you are offered activites both summer and winter. You can choose between several dogsledding activities, short or long ones. 


Fulufjällets nationalpark is located 70 km southwest from the cabin. 

It's a virtually untouched nature area with traces of Swedens largest fauna. The mountain rises in the landscape as a plateau that has steep sides and is flat on top. Swedens biggest waterfall, Njupeskär, is found here. 

👣 The trail 2,5 km towards the fall is in enchanting nature along the Njupå river valley, with 400-year old spruce trees.

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Visitor centre.

”During the nights you could see so many stars.”

Merle, Germany

Go for a moon light ski trip below the cabin

Sometimes, mostly in februari-mars, there's a scooter track below the cabin. 

THE NIGHT SKY WITH STARS is something special to behold. The place has minimal light pollution, giving a clear visibility into light years of space. Clear autumn evenings, when there's no moonlight, you might bee able to see the Andromeda galaxy (our neighbour galaxy) – which is the most distant objekt that the naked eye can see, 2,5 millions lightyears away. Lie down under the stars for a moment, contemplate and get fascinated.