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Experience the swedish unspoiled nature on one of Dalarna's beautiful hiking trails – Vedungfjällens nature reserve and Städjan-Nipfjället are closest. Enjoy the fresh air and the silence of the forest or the mountains. There are possibilities for hikes which suit all tastes. See detailed hiking trail tips on this site.

Photo: At Fonnfjället with view towards Dalarnas second highest mountain Sömlingshågna 1195 m.a.s. Distance from cabin: bird fly 9 km. 


The Mountain Safety Council of Sweden gives tips for safe hiking here

A good map  shows current and reliable information about trails, cabins, helplines etc. We recommend a map in scale 1:50 000 for hiking because it's more detailed. See map tips on this site's page "Surroundings". 


”The Vedungfjället just above the cabin or from Storfjäten was the place we liked so much!”

     ~ Benny & Uta Schneider, Tyskland

Dalarnas most beautiful and second largest mountain –  a hidden pearl

Vedungsfjällens nature reserve is a hidden pearl. The area lies only 5 km east of the cabin. The mountains has typical beautifully rounded peaks, some over 1100 m altitude. Here you find Dalarnas second highest and maby most beautiful peak, Sömlinghågna 1195 m.a.s.l.  Vedungsfjällens nature reserve offers several beautiful hiking trails. The cabin in relation to the surrounding mountains of Vedungsfjällen (following peaks can't bee seen from the cabin): East (5 km from the cabin) you find Fonnfjället 1096 m and (9 km) Sömlinghågna 1195 m. North of this lies Lofsdalen. In the south (10 km) is Stor-Uckuvålen 1082 m.a.s.l.

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Read articles about: Sömlinghågna, Fonnfjället and Stor-Uckuvålen (translated by google).
See area (marked with green line) and trails on the Digital map Lantmäteriet (scale 1:100 000). See legend here.

👣 Vedungsfjällens nature reserve offers several beautiful hiking trails.  

👣Hiking trails


Beautiful view and a peak climbing

👣 Startingpoint Storfjäten. 7 km south.

From Storfjäten there a several trails. The trail called Lofsdalsleden is cross-marked (a red cross) up east towards Fonnfjället. Coming up to the tree line takes half an hour. There you can choose to walk freely in easy terrain or follow one of the trails. Once up on the fells there are several beautiful mountains to hike on. 

Up on the tree line you can choose to walk north, passing Häggingfjället to the steap Sömlinghågna 9 km (a beautiful sight!). On distance the mountain looks like an upside down boat. There are fine spots for tents and two shelter cabins by the foot of the steep south side of Sömlinghågna just next to Hågntjärn, 9 km northeast from Storfjäten. Look for a path up on Sömlinghågna, possible from the north side, and you are soon on top 1195 m.a.s.l. You can also walk to a shelter cabin called Kölstugan, 9 km walk from Storfjäten. 

Photo: Wiew from the top of Fonnfjället towards the Sömlingshågna.


Mountain so close and yet so distant

From Storfjäten it´s 10 km walk to Stor-Uckuvålen.

Road direktion to Storfjäten: Follow the road back 5 km. At the T-junction/recykling station is, take left and drive 2 km over the bridge towards Storfjäten and up to the turning area where the road ends. Roadmap


Walk the mountain around or a peak climbing

👣 Startingpoint Västvallen in Lofsdalen, 50 km northeast of the cabin. Road map

Hiking trails: If you plan to go all the way up to Sömlinghågna, the trail from Västvallen can be the easiest to start from. The mountain is easiest to climb from the north side.

Photo: Vedungsfjällens nature reserve has 400 year old beautiful pines.

Several beautiful waterfalls

👣 Starting point Fröbergsvallen. 80 km south of the mountain farm.

Hiking distance: Go east along Svartåsen to the beautiful Yxingåfallen. The river flows into a ravine and on a stretch of 300 m the water falls about 40 meters and forms several beautiful falls in four stairs. Fröberget has nice old-growth forest left where over 400-year-old pines can be viewed. You should have map and compass with you because there are no trail marks towards the waterfall. 

Read more: Yxingåfallen (translated by google)

”We found a lot of hjortron above the Kölstugan.”

 ~ Citat från gästboken

GRÄNSLANDET, the borderland, between Sweden and Norway is a large proteced nature area with lots of hiking possibilities. Here you find ancient trees, remarkable boulder terrain and rare animals and plants. Vast expanses of fells, old-growth forest and crystal clear waters off er experiences for all senses. Down below is information about four of the Gränslandets nine protected areas: Städjan-Nipfjället, Långfjället, Femundmarka and Töfsingdalen. You can also read about Fulufjället down below, a very interesting area!


Old-growth forest, glittering lakes and a vulcano shaped mountain

Städjan-Nipfjället nature reserve starts only 5 km southwest from the cabin.  The reserve is part of Gränslandet and are located in one of Gränslandet’s most accessible areas. Here you can experience old-growth forest and glittering lakes. The reserve includes the mountains Städjan 1131 meters above sea level and Nipfjället 1192 m.a.s.l. Each compose a beautiful daytrip. Städjan looks like a coned shaped volcano from the south and the north side. There are several marked trails which can bee seen on the above map. You can also see cross-marked trails between Städjan and Nipfjället on Idre Fjälls spår- och ledkarta

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Map (pdf) Länsstyrelsen, click on nr 9.
Digital map Lantmäteriet

Close to Idre Fjäll there are two popular startingpoints for hiking towards Städjan and Nipfjället. See below.

👣Hiking trails


A classical day hike

👣 Starting point: Grängesåsvallen: 32 km southwest of the cabin. 

Hiking trail: From the parking lot it is 3 km walk on the cross-marked trail to the foot of the mountain and then you can follow the steep path up to the top.

Webcam Städjan 

Road map to starting point.  Drive 16 km from the cabin towards Fjätervålen. When you pass Fjätervålens ski resort, drive 10 km and turn right (signposted to Gränjesåsvallen). Drive 7 km. There are signs to the right for parking. 

Photo: View from Nipfjället towards Städjans north part. The volcano shape of the Städjan is seen from the north.


Great view, quickly above tree level

👣 Starting point Nipfjället's summer parking lot. 40 km southwest of the cabin.

Hiking trails: From the parking lot it's 800 m easy walk up to Lillnipen 1100 meters. A beautiful view is waiting for you. From Nipfjället's upper parking, it's about 3 km partly rocky hike to Nipfjället's peak Molnet/Mulen 1191 m.

Road map: Drive past Grängesåsvallen about 2.5 km. Turn towards Nipfjället. Drive past Nipstugan up to the parking lot where the road ends. Feel free to stop on the way up at the sign Trollvägen, disconnect the gear and discover that the car does not roll in the direction you think. The road is known for being a magnetic hill-optical illusion.


Walk freely in an exciting old forest

Löskesvålen is the little mountain you see from the yard about 3 km away. The northwest side of Löskesvålen belongs to Städjan-Nipfjället nature reserve and is interesting for those who want to see old-growth forest.

👣 Starting point: From the cabin or the road.

Here you walk freely as there are no trails or paths. You can go up to the top and further down on the west side of the mountain towards Löskessjön. On the west side you can see tall dead trees standing like dancing statues and dead overgrown trees resting on the ground where they once fell - it's beautiful. Look out for lichens, if you are lucky, the curious birds can be hand fed.


Hiking, fishing and a sand beach

Stenåssjön, also called Harundsjön, is a beautiful place located 20 km west of the cabin in the Städjan-Nipfjällets Nature Reserve. You can fish whitefish, perch and trout. Fishing license is required. A minimal sand beach is possible depending on the water level. 

Map (pdf) Länsstyrelsen 
Digital map Lantmäteriet

Road directions: Drive back towards Lillfjäten. In Lillfjäten - turn right towards Tännes. Drive about 4 km. Turn left at signpost "Stenåssjön", a gravel road. Drive about 5 km to the end of the road. Road map.


Beautiful and lonely

Tip: Hike towards Nipfjället/Ulandsstugan from Lake Stor-Harund sjön (also called Stenåssjön), a beautiful place located 20 km west of the cabin in the Städjan-Nipfjällets Nature Reserve (more info about the lake lower down on this side).

👣 Starting point: Close to the Stor-Harundsjön (Stenåssjön).

Hiking distance: Approximatly 5 km. Go towards Ulandsstugan. Just before Ulandstugan you can walk up on the east side of the Nipfjället.

Road directions: Drive back towards Lillfjäten. In Lillfjäten - turn right towards Tännes. Drive about 4 km. Turn left at signpost "Stenåssjön", a gravel road. Drive about 5 km almost to the end of the road. Park the car and start walking from the little hiking sign "Ulandsstugan" on the left side of the road.
Road map


Magnificent scenery and great view

Lofjätåsens fäbod is an old place where goats and cows are kept in the summer. Cheese is made here. It's located off the beaten track in Städjan-Nipfjällets nature reserve, north-east of Harundsjön.

👣 Starting point: Marked trail before Harundsjön on the right side of the road.

Hiking trail: The walk is about 2 km and takes you up over marsh, sparse pine and granmo in magnificent scenery. The pasture opens like a clearing in the woods. If you walk up to the west of the pasture you can see the mountains in Härjedalen and Dalarna.

Road directions: Drive towards Lillfjäten, 12 km. In Lillfjäten - turn right (north). Drive about 7 km. Turn left by the sign "Stenåsjön". Drive 3.5 km on a gravel road to the little signpost "Lofjätåsens fäbod". Road map.

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Experiences for all tastes

Långfjällets nature reserve is a big area that starts 60 km from the cabin. It's part of Gränslandet (Borderland). Långfjället offers experiences for all tastes, whether you are a fell walker, birdwatcher, botanist, pleasure seeker or just generally inquisitive. From Grövelsjöns fjällstation there are plenty of trails, there are easy-to-walk paths of a few kilometres, such as the Linnés trail or the trail to Silverfallet and longer trails. Those seeking greater challenges can walk further into Norway or follow the Södra Kungsleden trail across Långfjället and on towards Härjedalen and the Rogen nature reserve. Se tips on hikes below.

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Map (pdf) Länstyrelsen, click on nr 8.

👣Hiking trails

Isak, Maria & Ludvig. Fosksjön and the north foot of Storvätteshågna.


Walks for all tastes

Långfjällets nature reserve is a big area that starts 60 km from the cabin. It's part of Gränslandet (Borderland). 

Map (pdf) Länsstyrelsen, click on nr 8.

👣 Most hikers start at Grövelsjön Fjällstations parking lot. 

From Grövelsjöns fjällstation there are plenty of trails, there are easy-to-walk paths of a few kilometres, such as the Linnés trail or the trail to Silverfallet and longer trails. Those seeking greater challenges can walk further into Norway or follow the Södra Kungsleden trail across Långfjället and on towards Härjedalen and the Rogen nature reserve. 

Road distance: 85 km north west of the cabin. Road map 

Fosksjön down in the walley


Dalarnas highest mountain 

👣 9 km great hiking on well-trodden dry paths from Grövelsjön or Lävåsen. The walk offers open beautiful views of Grövelsjön. Some hikers make it on a daytrip and some choose to sleep in tents at the foot of the mountain next to the lake Övre Fosksjön which invites to a swim on a hot summer day. Further up towards Storvätteshogna, go over the bridge and follow the summer trail to the top, about 3 km. Before you reach the top is Santesontjärnen.

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👣 Those who want greater topographical challenges can hike west into Norway in Femundmarka National Park (see below).


Oldest tree on our planet and Swedens highest waterfall

Fulufjällets nationalpark is located 70 km southwest from the cabin.

It's a virtually untouched nature area with traces of Sweden¨s largest fauna. The mountain rises in the landscape as a plateau that has steep sides and is flat on top. On Fulufjället you can see the oldest tree on our planet, a spruce that is 9 500 years old. Sweden´s biggest waterfall, Njupeskär, is also here!

👣 The trail 2,5 km towards the fall is graveled, has boardwalks and is easy to walk. Enchanting nature along the Njupå river valley, with 400-year old spruce trees.

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Information brochyr & tourmap


Dramatic peaks 

Femundmarkas nationalpark starts 90 km north west of the cabin.

It's part of Gränslandet. Here you find more dramatic peaks compared to the swedish side. 

Map (pdf) Länsstyrelsen, click on nr 2

👣 Startingpoint: For example Valdalen

Road direction: Drive from Storsätern in to Norway towards Elgå. From this road you can do beautiful hiking trips towards north. 

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Wild nature

Töfsingdalens nationalpark starts 13 km northeast of Grövelsjö fjällstation. It's in the middle of Långfjällets nature reserve and therefore also part of Gränslandet.

It's the ¨forgotten valley¨ that many nature romantics dream about. Primeval pine, spruce forests and small lakes and big areas of grey bolders left from the inland ice. It's one of the most inaccessible environments we have in Sweden. Therefore it's a popular area for animal- and bird entusiasts. 

Map (pdf) Länsstyrelsen, click on nr 7.  

👣 There are no roads to it, so the only way to get here is by walking. 

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”The stay here was just like the fishing - SUPER! After a day at the river, we could enjoy the trout and rainbow on the grill.”  

   ~ Tommy Böckert, Norrköping 


Storfjätan can be glimpsed from the cabin, distance 200 m. 

There's a beautiful place 3 km south, downstream from the cabin, where Storfjätan widens like a small oblong lake with view towards the mountain Stor-Uckuvålen (photos above). A wind shed with barbeque facilities are offered at this open area. See  the place on film.

Fishing licence  enables streaming fishing from this spot and a few hundred meters upstream/north (signposted) and also downstream/south all the way to Särna Lake, a wide fishing area called Särna-Idres FVO. Map of the area (Häggberget lies in the square B6, meaning it's in the prohibited area). Fishing licenses can be purchased in different stores in Särna, Idre and on the web. South, where Storfjätan and Lillfjätan meet, named Fjätälven, also known for its good fishing, grayling and trout. The river is accessible by several roads. 

Directions to the fishing area (3 km south from the cabin): Follow the road back towards Fjätervålen 2 km. Take the first road to the left down to the watercourse. Road map

Storfjätan north of the cabin: It's not permitted to fish below the cabin. With Sörvattnets KFO:s fishing licence it's permitted to fish in Storfjätan upstream from Sörvattnet and further north. 

More fishing tips from Jonas Gardsiö


Stop at this beautiful place. Have a walk, picnic and a dip.

Here you can enjoy the lower course of the watercourse Fjätälven, where there are several large falls. There are several large falls and covers if you want to take a cooling dip.

👣 From here you can choose to walk a six km long hiking trail or walk to Stenkojan and back. The reserve includes the connecting old-growth forests up to the Kryptjärn shack, as well as forest along the Krypan watercourse. 

If you look at the species that are found here, it is one of Särna's more interesting areas. There are not only old trees but also traces of all conceivable disturbances, such as storm felling, forest fires, ice, insects, beaver dams and snow breaks. All these disorders are important for creating a great species richness.

Directions, 19 km: Road Map


Photo: Emeli Nilsson, Fjelltopp 

Face-to-face with a prehistorical animal!

The muskox is one of the last of the prehistorical animals that still walks among us. Fossils suggests that the muskox lived side by side with the mammuts and the woolly rhinoceros in scandinavia 30.000 to 44.000 years ago. 

The aim of the centre is to preserve the breed of wild muskoxen in western Härjedalen, in part by reducing the stress that the disturbance of people trying to spot a wild muskox will bring.  

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Directions, 73 km: Road map

Mountainbiking, swim in lakes and golf

Åke mountainbiking. Nipgubben gards the Nipfjället.


Idre Fjäll, 38 km from the cabin,339 has besides beautiful mountains also many organised activities. A cooling dip at the Burusjön can be nice.  
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Map of bathing lakes


Lofsdalen lies 50 km north east of the cabin.
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