Surroundings & Maps

The cabin is situated in the peaceful and secluded village Häggberget between Städjan-Nipfjället and Vedungsfjällens nature reserve. The reserves offers beautiful trails for hiking and skiing and the latter has peaks around 1100 meters altitude. See tips on hiking maps down below.

Photo: The watercourse Storfjätan, 3.5 km. The mountain Stor-Uckuvålen in the background.

The wilderness starts around the corner.

There are only two permanent houses and about 20 widely spread private holliday cabins in the village.

The watercourse Storfjätan can bee glimpsed from the cabin. 3 km south it widens like a small oblong lake.

You often see moose, fox, reindeer and traces of beaver, sometimes also traces of wolverine and lynx. The area has nature protected species and 300-400 years old pine trees.

Beautiful hiking possibilities.

The cabin is surrounded by three nature reserves! Three km west from the cabin starts the Städjan-Nipfjällets nature reserve with the well known peak Städjan. 5 km east there's an extensive area of fells – Vedungsfjällens nature reserve with peaks at 1100 meters altitude. The peaks can not be seen from the cabin.

Länstyrelsens webmap shows the nature reserves (green marked).

Fjällkartan webmap shows trails, cabins and helpphones among other things (scale 100 000).

Fjällkartan Vedungsfjällen

”The Vedung mountains, this was the high light of the walking experience.”

~ Micheil van der Hoeven, Netherlands

Städjan-Nipfjällets reserve in the west and Vedungsfjällens reserve in the east.

The cabin in relation to the surrounding peaks of Vedungsfjällen :

  • East (5 km) is Fonnfjället 1096 m and (9 km) Sömlinghågna 1195 m – second highest peak in Dalarna.
  • In the south (10 km) is Stor-Uckuvålen 1082 m.a.s.l.

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Check out detailed tips on hiking and skiing tours and read about different peaks on the page "Summer" and "Winter"!

A good hiking map

FJÄLLKARTAN is a map with current and reliable information about trails, cabins, helplines etc. The map is available in two different scales and coverage areas:

  • Fjällkartan scale of 1:50 000 covers the southern part of the mountain range. We recommend scale 1:50 000 for hiking, because it's more detailed compared to 1:100 000 (seen below). The map is available as a printed map.
  • Fjällkartan scale of 1:100 000 covers the mountain area from Sälen in the south to the boundary in the north. It's available both as a printed map and as a webmap.

Legend/zeichenerklärung is available in three languages.

Buy the printed map Fjällkartan in the webshop. For example see W52 Idre (covers Städjan-Nipfjället) and Z60 Lofsdalen (covers Vedungsfjällen). Scale 1:50 000.

In Sweden you have freedom to roam.

The Right of Public Access (‘Allemansrätt’).

Foto: The watercourse Storfjätan and the little barn, 200 m från the cabin.